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About Meryl Stern Interiors
Meryl Stern Interiors is an award winning design firm serving Glen Ridge, NJ that provides Designer - Kitchen services that enhance the comfort, function and beauty of Designer - Kitchen surroundings and inspires Designer - Kitchen lifestyles in Glen Ridge, NJ. Meryl Stern Interiors creates Designer - Kitchen environments in Glen Ridge, NJ for their clients that enhance the comfort and beauty of their surroundings and inspires their lifestyles. Meryl Stern Interiors has designed residences in Glen Ridge, NJ as well as New Jersey, New York, The Hamptons, Florida and well as hospitality projects in New Jersey that demonstrate Designer - Kitchen skills. She has contributed her talents to the Designer Showhouse in Montclair, NJ and continues to support various fundraisers through design and Designer - Kitchen projects. Call us Today at(845) 359-0901.
What Makes Us Unique?
Stern and her staff recognize the integral role that surroundings play in productivity, stress management, and the ability to relax and enjoy in Glen Ridge, NJ. Meryl Stern Interiors designs are Designer - Kitchen services planned and built with the most discriminating eye toward Designer - Kitchen quality, function, practicality, and order when it comes to the Glen Ridge, NJ location. Meryl Stern's interior Designer - Kitchen projects are expressions of the character of each client in Glen Ridge, NJ, and the expansion and realization of their dreams. The Designer - Kitchen project reflects the individual traits of their occupants, and are most successful as an exchange of ideas between the client and designer. Whether it's a calm, quiet Designer - Kitchen environment in Glen Ridge, NJ or a dynamic, high energy Designer - Kitchen space in Glen Ridge, NJ, Meryl Stern's interiors are always sophisticated, harmonious, and well edited. Call us Today at (845) 359-0901.
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What could be more exciting than building your long awaited designer kitchen? It's every homeowner's dream. A designer kitchen is the heart of any home and is where you will find many families and friends gathered sharing the events of their day and special occasions. 

Our number one goal is to make an important job like a new kitchen build or design project as easy as possible! Our professionals work around the clock contacting and selecting qualified contractors for your project with an emphasis on quality and cost effectiveness! We offer FREE estimates with no obligation and guarantee your free service with a smile every time you speak with our world class customer support team.

Our professionals are working around the clock. If you have any questions please contact us at (845) 359-0901 we would be more than happy to assist you.

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Contact Meryl Stern Interiors

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